Another video targeting N1, Nova S and Danas journalists published in Serbia

photo: N1

Another video appeared on social media networks against the journalists of N1 and Nova S, as well as other media, saying that their task is “to destroy Serbian culture and Orthodoxy in Serbia”.


Showing photos of current and former journalists and editors of N1, Nova S, Danas and Insider, as well as some opposition politicians, the video states that they are „the dark world of the N1 and Nova media.“



In the video, these media are accused of being the „incarnation of anti-Serb propaganda,“ and that „their evil intention is to destroy Serbian identity, culture, tradition and religion“.


And of course, all this is allegedly financed with foreign money.


Journalists from N1, Nova S and the Nova newspaper were targeted by a similar campaign in early July. A video posted on social media called for „confrontation“ with the professional media by „uniting.“


Some public officials liked the video and even shared it on their profiles.


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