“Attack on the Exhibition” case – 20% of the police officer’s salary, most threats not processed, the ministry is silent

After a year and a half since the intrusion into the exhibition of the comic group “Boys”, there is still no progress. Only the police officer on duty was punished by a salary reduction of 20 percent due to inadequate reaction, while the authorities believe that the authors of the torn works were not damaged. The ministry is silent, and most of the attackers and threats have not been prosecuted.


Let us remind you that on the evening of October 13, 2020, a group of about ten young men broke into the “Old Captaincy”, destroyed the works of the comic group “Boys” and threw tear gas into the gallery, after which the authors of the exhibition filed several criminal charges.


The comic group, with the help of the IJAS legal service, in October 2020 asked the following questions:


–  Why did most of the attackers stay out of the law, even though there is a description for some of them?


– What about the most death threats addressed to the authors and organizers of the exhibition over the Internet, since for some of them the competent authorities have been provided with data on profiles and IP addresses? After a year and a half, and more than 100 threats, the prosecution formed a single-digit number of cases, a total of 9, while some of the victims were heard in only 4 cases.


– Why wasn’t there a procedure to throw tear gas?



We also add new questions:


– Why don’t the authorities think that the authors of the exhibition are damaged?


– Why does someone have to write more urgencies for any legal action for a year and a half and complain to the Protector of Citizens, without which we would not get excerpts from court records or punish to the police officer on duty?



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