BIRODI provides public broadcaster with analyses aimed at truthful reporting

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The Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI) said it has submitted to the Serbian state TV (RTS) analyses “that should help provide complete, truthful and timely information to the citizens,” which would be useful to the public broadcaster in formulating questions for its announced interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.


In its statement BIRODI said it did this citing the Serbian Constitution, Law on Electronic Media, Law on Public Service Broadcasting, the RTS Statute and the Serbian journalists’ code of ethics, “all of which guarantee the citizens the right to truthful, complete, objective and timely information.”


The think tank added that it also provided the RTS with its Analysis of the Integrity of the Electoral Process, which has also been forwarded to the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), as well as with the analysis titled Production of Aleksandar Vucic’s Rating Through Unsanctioned Violation of the Law.


“The aforementioned documents can be of use to you so you could formulate questions that will help you realize the rights listed above, that is, so you could comply, as a journalist, with the obligations defined under the code of your profession,” said BIRODI in its letter to the RTS.


Source: N1


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