Bozic: We will appeal the decision, but also apply for the fifth frequency

Igor Bozic, Photo: Medija centar Beograd

N1 TV Program Director Igor Bozic said the actions of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) lead to the conclusion that the results of the competition for the award of national TV frequencies “were known in advance, that is, that Council members, at least most of them, knew up front who they would vote for.”

The Serbian electronic media regulator rehabilitated national television stations, Bozic told the weekly Vreme, adding that N1 TV will appeal to the Administrative Court against the REM decision.


Bozic said “all important decisions in the country are made at Andricev Venac (the Office of the Serbian President).”


No one can convince me that anyone even the least bit involved in the media finds the current media scene satisfactory, said Bozic, adding “It is obvious that the political leadership is the one deciding on who will have a national license to broadcast TV signals.”


Bozic said he does not expect that the publishing of a tender for the fifth national broadcasting license will bring about any changes.


“I have to admit that I used to have a feeling that there was some desire to at least change something, but this process has proved me wrong. They want everything to stay the same,” Bozic said.


He said N1 TV will definitely enter the competition for the fifth frequency “because we do not want to leave room for them to say – they did not apply, maybe they would have gotten the license if they had.“


“This is the reason why we will apply again, although, as I said, we have no expectations,” said Bozic who described the REM explanation on the award of the four licenses as “an insult to intelligence” and “a mockery of the participants and of the entire public.”



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