Coalition for the Freedom of Media: Threats of high damages amount put pressure on the media

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BELGRADE, 06.04.2021. – Members of the Coalition for Freedom of the Media express deep concern over the pressure exerted on a number of media outlets, which were sued by the company “Millennium team Ltd.” from Belgrade in which they demanded huge compensation for material damage.


Local media JUGpress from Leskovac and Infovranjske from Vranje, as well as the daily Danas, the portal and cable televisions N1 and News Maxadria, were all sued for credible transmission of information presented at the press conferences of the People’s Party in Leskovac and Vranjska Banja in early February this year, and “Millennium team doo” in the lawsuits requires determination of the violation of reputation and compensation for material damage in the amount of 100,000 euros per lawsuit.


We note that “Millennium Team Ltd.” did not officially deny any of the information before filing the lawsuits, nor did it ask the defendant media to publish their response to the allegations made at the press conferences of the People’s Party.


The huge compensation that this company demands in lawsuits is an open form of pressure which, only on the basis of paying the fee for responding to the lawsuit, practically leads to shutting down the sued local media, and  sends a message to all the other media that they can be shut down overnight if they do not respect the power of large companies, and with this the public information and freedom and the right of citizens in local communities to be informed about all events without censorship are seriously endangered.


Members of the Coalition for Freedom of the Media are:


Association of Media


Association of Online Media


Independent Journalists Association of Vojvodina


Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia


Association of Local Independent Media “Local Press”


Slavko Curuvija Foundation


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