Empowered journalists – the foundation of professional reporting

Donor: BOS – SIDA


Realization time: 30.11. 2021 – 01.12.2021.


The role of IJAS: project holder


Budget: SEK 359,535


About the project:


The project is implemented by IJAS in cooperation with local assistants and experts.


IJAS is an organization that, in accordance with the foundations on which it is based, deals daily, monitoring respect or violations of the rights of media professionals, publicly reacts and condemns violations of the rights of media professionals, provides legal advice and representation of members in court, promotes the Code of Ethics for Journalists of Serbia. on the professional development of media professionals, and through the organization of public events in Belgrade and other cities, actively participates in the field of reform of media legislation in Serbia.


Project goal: Contribute to the democratic development of society, and the adoption and implementation of EU standards in the field of media freedom and information


Specific objectives:


1. Empowered journalists know their rights and know how to exercise them.


2. IJAS is recognized as a key independent actor in defending the rights of journalists and representing the public interest in information through quality and timely information of membership, as well as domestic and international stakeholders.




R1: Journalists whose professional and human rights have been violated receive legal assistance through IJAS.


R2: IJAS informs (domestic and international) the public and encourages debate on journalists’ rights and media freedoms.


R3: Target public informed about the implemented measures from the AP for Chapter 23 in the part related to the safety of journalists and media freedom.


R4: The Permanent Working Group on the Safety of Journalists reviews the IJAS recommendations and puts them into practice.


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