English language course and two workshops for journalists

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Project title: English language course and two workshops for journalists (Digital tools for credible reporting and fact-checking and mobile journalism MOJO)


Donor: US Embassy


Realization time: 01.09.2021.-31.07.2022.


The role of IJAS: project holder


Budget: $ 34,000


About the project:


Through workshops on digital tools and MOJO techniques (two workshops for each topic), 48 media workers will gain new knowledge and improve their professional skills. Workshops will be held in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. In addition, 24 journalists will have the opportunity to continuously upgrade their English language skills, which will enable better performance in their work. They will attend two semesters, lasting four months each. NUNS, in cooperation with the US Embassy, has been very successful since 2003 in organizing professional trainings for journalists and other media professionals. Workshops organized in recent years have proven useful in many ways. NUNS regularly monitors trends in journalism and responds to the needs of journalists mapped by membership surveys.


A total of four workshops, two topics, cover the topics of mobile journalism (MoJo) and digital tools for credible reporting and fact-checking. MoJo will be of great help to journalists who will be able to use their own smartphone to quickly produce quality media content for different media platforms. Fact-checking tools ensure that the information exchanged by journalists is credible and accurate.


The English language course will provide journalists with access to and better understanding of information from sources in English. Not only their personal capacities are strengthened, but also their self-confidence to actively participate in numerous online courses in English. All journalists can apply for workshops and an English language course in a given period of time.


Project goal: Improving the knowledge and professional skills of journalists, and thus their better competitiveness in the market


Specific goal of the project: By improving the professional skills of individual journalists, their entire newsroom will be able to improve their work.


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