English language courses and workshops for media professionals

Donor: US Embassy

Time of realization: *

The role of IJAS: project holder

Budget: $ 34,000


About the project:


The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, in cooperation with the US Embassy since 2003, has been very successful in organizing professional trainings for journalists and other media professionals.


Workshops organized in recent years have been useful for journalists in many ways. In close cooperation with the US Embassy, ​​IJAS tries to follow trends in journalism and respond to the needs of journalists identified by market research.


Workshop: Digital and physical security of journalists.


The safety of journalists is a precondition for free media, because journalists cannot write or report freely and independently without safe working conditions. The safety of journalists has become an increasingly urgent issue as the level of violence against journalists has risen significantly in recent years.


Workshop: Digital tools for credible reporting, fact-checking and visualization for journalists


The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent decades, precisely because of the Internet. New digital platforms have launched innovative journalistic practices that enable new forms of communication and greater global reach. But on the other hand, trust in journalism is falling in the face of misinformation and political propaganda. It is increasingly difficult for journalists to distinguish facts from fiction, especially in times of crisis, emergencies, elections and other social conflicts, when they often have to be in the forefront, taking care to provide responsible and timely information.


Clarifying confusion with verified facts is one of the most important steps journalists must take to provide accurate, timely, and objective information. In that sense, digital tools can make journalism more powerful, unleash the potential of storytelling, reveal data secrets and help journalists share stories in new and compelling ways.


English language course: Through this project, English language classes are organized for journalists. Local English language instructors in Belgrade hold classes.


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