Hrkalovic accuses reporter of calling for lynch

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A former senior Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) official demanded a continuance in her law suit against an investigative news portal on Thursday claiming pressure on the court by reporters.


Dijana Hrkalovic, a former MUP State Secretary, and her lawyer asked for a continuance in the law suit hearing she brought against the KRIK investigative news portal. “A reporter present here called for the lynching of certain people in front of the Special Court yesterday and that is what they want to do now…. I am asking for a continuance… The plaintiffs are proving the claims I made and I won’t be part of their performance…. This is not a SLAPP suit but a law suit for the constant demonization of myself for years,” Hrkalovic said.


He lawyer Nemanja Srzentc said that the reporter who called for a lynch a day earlier to intimidate Hrkalovi and the court. “The news desk could have sent someone else,” he said.


KRIK lawyer Kruna Savovic said that this is a classic SLAPP suit. “They want to exclude the public… She knew this would be reported when she filed suit and I don’t know why she’s surprised,” she said.


The demand for a continuance was denied by the judge.


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