IJAS: An appeal to calm passions in the media environment

BELGRADE, 10.02.2020 – Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia condemns the threats and insults directed at Gordana Uzelac from Pink TV. We call on the institutions to react and the authorities to provide protection.

IJAS also reminds that only in 2020, 32 physical attacks, 15 attacks and endangerments to property, and 50 verbal threats were recorded. We also recorded  92 pressures on journalists and the media. So far in 2021, 11 attacks and pressures were recorded, including this one.

IJAS regularly reports on each case of attack to regional and international organizations, so it strives and tries to follow up on each of these cases till the very end.

We appeal to calm the passions in the media environment, so we call on government officials not to further have an effect on the contamination of the already poisoned scene.



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