IJAS Annual Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism Dejan Anastasijevic

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Donor: US Embassy

Realization time: 01.02.2021. – 31.05.2021.

The role of IJAS: project holder

Budget: $ 16,950


About the project:

On the occasion of May 3, Media Freedom Day, and due to the exceptional importance of investigative journalism for the development of journalism, in the fight against corruption, pressure from the government and other centers of power on individuals or organizations and for the democratic development of our society, the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia and The Embassy of the United States of America in Serbia has been awarding journalistic work for excellence in investigative journalism since 2006.


With these awards, IJAS and the US Embassy want to support and affirm journalists who deal in a serious and professional way with topics that are extremely important for the public in Serbia.


World Press Freedom Day was established on May 3, 1991, with the adoption of the Declaration in Windhoek, at the United Nations Conference on Media Freedom in Africa. With that declaration, censorship was declared a gross violation of human rights, and the governments of all countries were called upon to ensure respect for the constitutional guarantees for the freedom of the media.


The United Nations General Assembly, on the recommendation of UNESCO, on December 20, 1993, adopted a declaration declaring May 3 as Media Freedom Day. The day is a kind of reminder to governments around the world to respect freedom of information, but it is also a way to express solidarity with all journalists and other media employees who suffer repression or have suffered because of the profession they perform.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted on 14 December 1946 by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, states in Article 16 that freedom of information is a fundamental human right. Freedom of the press is considered the cornerstone of human rights and a guarantee of all other freedoms.


The competition for awards for the best achievements and special success in the field of investigative journalism is announced every year, and the awards are given at a ceremony at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. From 2020, the award for investigative journalism is named after the excellent journalist Dejan Anastasijevic.


Project goal: To encourage journalists in a professional and critical way of reporting. The Award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism encourages such an approach and emphasizes the real values ​​of journalism.


Specific objective of the project: Journalists are encouraged to produce and publish investigative stories.


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