IJAS: It is inadmissible to restrict the work of journalists in the Serbian Parliament

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The Independent Journalists Association of Serbia condemns the obstruction of the work of the Newsmax Adria team in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the refusal of a high-ranking public official to answer questions that are in the public interest.

Namely, journalist Jasmina Dobrilovic tried to get a statement from the President of the Serbian Parliament Ivica Dacic in the Hall of the National Assembly House, but he refused to provide answers regarding the announced referendum, but at the same time, in the company of family members ,he  gave an interview with no connections with the public function he performs and the institution he is the head of.


Then, the security of the Assembly prevented the cameraman of Newsmax Adria from filming Dacic in the Hall, and the President of the Parliament of Serbia got into an unpleasant discussion with journalist Dobrilovic.


We remind you that public officials are obliged to answer to  questions of journalists in the public interest, as well as that it is inadmissible to ban filming in the hall and halls of the National Parliament, an institution that symbolizes freedom of  the citizens and the rule of law. This incident represents serious pressure and a message to journalists about what awaits them when they ask questions to government officials.


IJAS will add this case to the Database of Attacks and Pressures on Journalists and inform international organizations about it.


December 24, 2021


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