IJAS to exclude journalist-turned-mayor from membership

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The Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS) said on Monday it would consider a permanent expulsion of Dragana Sotirovski, the southern city of Nis Mayor and a journalist by profession, from its membership because of her “humiliation of the profession.”

Sotirovski is a member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).


“Some ten years ago, the current Nis Mayor was admitted into IJAS as a journalist. When she entered politics, she froze the membership. But after a series of statements in which she humiliated journalism, insulted our colleagues from Juzne Vesti and other independent media, we decided that our Court of Honour deal with her case,” the IJAS President Zeljko Bodrozic said.


Among other statements, Sotirovski told Juzne Vesti that “the media which comment our answers will not get a response in future.”


Most recently, she said neither she nor her PR service would answer questions “which are not as they should be.”


Bodrozic said the decision would be made in September.


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