IJAS: TV Pink promotes Hague defendants who attack journalists

Former radical leader and Hague convict Vojislav Seselj, during a guest appearance on the “Novo jutro” show on Pink television, insulted Danas journalist Snezana Congradin and Milojko Pantic, journalist and editor of the sports-political Galaksija, and on that occasion he also presented books about them which he wrote.


Books with offensive titles that label journalists as traitors because they call him a war criminal in their columns were presented by Vojislav Seselj on television with a national frequency.


On that occasion, he accused Danas journalist and columnist Snezana Congradin of “attacking everything Serbian – both the president of the republic and the patriarch with the worst expressions and the worst insults”, which represents targeting and can threaten the safety of the journalist. As a reminder, this is not the first time that Vojislav Seselj attacks Snezana Congradin.


He uttered insults on Pink TV, which is trying to renew its license to use the national frequency. This television continues to cultivate offensive rhetoric, despite the fact that two days ago, the owner of the television Zeljko Mitrovic promised that Pink would improve its program, during the presentation of a new study at the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media. 


It is worrisome that the media continues to give space to Vojislav Seselj, considering that his way of communicating is full of insults and condemnations and as such is unacceptable in public discourse. Also, his party and him are no longer a relevant political factor in Serbia.


The Independent Journalists Association of Serbia strongly condemns the insulting and labeling of journalists, as well as giving media space to convicted war criminals who lead an irrelevant political party.


Since the process of granting licenses for broadcasting television programs on national frequencies is underway, and Pink TV cannot refrain from broadcasting offensive content, we believe that this incident is proof that Pink intends to continue abusing this public good. That’s why we call on REM to respect the law and take into account the broadcaster’s previous behavior when deciding on the allocation of a national frequency. 


Also, we call on the media not to promote Hague convicts and instigators and thus contribute to improving the atmosphere in the entire society.


Independent Journalists Association of Serbia

July 15, 2022


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