In the front line – protecting journalists’ digital safety in the time of crisis

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Name of the project: “In the front line – protecting journalists’ digital safety in the time of crisis”


Donor: Delegation of the European Union and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Serbia


Realization time: 1. 06. 2021 – 31. 07. 2023.


The role of IJAS:  project holder


Budget: 224.452 EUR (DEU) + 1.140.860.00 (RSD)


About the project:


The project addresses the lack of an appropriate response to the growing trend of harassment, threats, pressure and abuse of journalists in the online sphere. Despite the fact that journalists are increasingly exposed to risk in the online space, the existing legal framework insufficiently recognizes it. In addition, journalists themselves do not have enough knowledge to protect themselves and protect the integrity of their work in these situations, while public support is sporadic. We want to achieve the following results with the project:


  1. CSOs influence regulatory framework and advocate for adequate application of mechanisms to protect journalists in the online sphere,
  2. Journalists and the Consortium capacitated to tackle online harassment issues and be able to effectively utilize mechanisms for protection,
  3. General public awareness increased on human rights importance and breaches of free speech in the online sphere.


Project goal: to protect the freedom of expression and the right to be informed in the online environment.


Specific objective of the project: to increase resilience of independent journalists and upgrade their response to online harassment, especially in crisis situations.


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