Legal and Psychological Assistance to Media Workers and Media Organizations Under Threat in Serbia

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Project title: Legal and psychological assistance to media workers and media organizations under threat in Serbia

Donor: Free Press Unlimited

Implementation period: January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024

IJAS role: Project holder

Project partners: /

Budget: 7,000 EUR

The Free Press Unlimited Legal Defense Fund, through IJAS, provides support to media professionals or media organizations in Serbia who, due to their work, are in a legally problematic situation, such as lawsuits and the need to provide them with legal representation or cover court costs.


Through this support, IJAS can support media professionals and media organizations by providing the following:

  • Costs of a lawyer or legal expert, including legal analysis and legal advice;
  • Court costs, including fines and bail when necessary;
  • Initial family support, only for media workers deprived of liberty;
  • Temporary relocation in case the media worker faces unlawful deprivation of liberty / prosecution;
  • Case monitoring by IJAS legal staff.


Support is not provided to journalists who have been arrested for inciting hatred and violence, nor to those who have violated press freedom.


The project also provides psychological support to journalists and other media workers.


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