Montenegro: SMCG launched new video series on collective bargaining

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The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SMCG) just launched a new video series called “Dvije sindikalne” (“Couple of words on unions” in English) discussing the working conditions in Montenegrin media and the work of the unions. The project is part of the national actions carried in the framework of the COVID Recovery Fund project, which is funding capacity-building activities developed by European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) affiliates.

Each of the ten episodes will offer insights into the trade union world. Using a combination of traditional and new journalistic formats, SMCG approaches the theme of working conditions from a new and creative angle.


Expert associate Drazen Djuraskovic said: “We are aware of the change in the way we address our membership and we are ready to adapt to their needs so that relevant information is always available to them. With this in mind, the idea of ​​creating a trade union podcast was born, as this format is quite common in Montenegro.”



The first episode deals with the difficulties of working in the media sector in Montenegro. Vuk Vujisic, Tatjana Perovic, Boris Pejovic and Bojana Milicevic are employed in different types of media and discuss their different views on journalism, their experiences and the challenges they face.


The guest in the second episode is the President of the Union of Radio and Television Employees of Montenegro, Jadranka Drobnjak. She speaks about the negotiations that led to the signing of the collective agreement at the public service level, which, in addition to the RTV Budva agreement, is the only agreement that protects the rights of media workers in Montenegro.


All the episodes can be found on SMCG YouTube channel.




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