N1 reporter files complaint after being attacked while covering protests

Foto: N1

N1 TV reporter Milan Nikic filed a report with the Police Administration and gave a statement to the authorities after he was attacked during the blockade of the Kragujevac – Jagodina road in Gornja Sabanta while he was filming on Saturday.

Nikic reported on the mass protests that took place across Serbia over the recent adoption of the new laws on referendum and expropriation of property.


He told the Beta news agency that he was „attacked“ by a man who had previously shouted, and then addressed him with the words – „why are you filming me“. He said that the police immediately reacted and removed the man and that he was also contacted by the deputy public prosecutor over the incident.


During the blockade, more than 100 locals gathered in Rakalj on Saturday and managed to block this intersection for an hour.

As the portal Glas Sumadija reported, the police initially asked for ID from those who gathered to protest, but later allowed traffic to be halted in all directions.


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