Russia Today to open offices in Serbia

Russia’s state television Russia Today will open offices in Serbia, learns. The EU has banned the station’s broadcasting activities “for inciting and supporting Russia’s aggression” against Ukraine.

The information was confirmed for by Sputnik Serbia’s editor-in-chief Ljubinka Milincic.


“Yes, it is true. They will not start work in Serbia now, but preparations are under way,” Milincic said.


According to information, Milincic’s daughter will head the television, but this was neither confirmed nor denied by Ljubinka Milincic.


“Should I let you in on that secret, or not? Leave it for them to say,” said Sputnik Serbia editor-in-chief.


The Council of the European Union (EU) decided in March this year to suspend the broadcasting activities of the Russian state media Russia Today and Sputnik in the whole of the EU. The sanctions imposed by the EU refer to the transmission or distribution by any means such as cable, satellite, IP-TV, platforms, websites and applications, and all relevant licenses, authorization and distribution arrangements have been suspended, the Council said.


Brussels said that these two media outlets were important instruments in “inciting and supporting Russia’s aggression” against Ukraine, and are “a significant and direct threat to the EU’s public order and security”.


Slovenian MEP Klemen Groselj told that the opening of the Russia Today offices is another indicator that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is taking the country away from the European Union, adding that it shows that Vucic is becoming the opposite of a pro-European politician.



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