Professor: National frequency for N1 or Nova S should be a protest demand

photo: N1

Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade Nebojsa Vladisavljevic said the award of a national broadcasting license to either television station N1 or Nova S should be included in the demands of the second phase of the Serbia Against Violence protests announced for September.


Vladisavljevic said the second phase of the protests is an opportunity to reformulate the demands.


It wound be wrong for the opposition to insist on “fine tuning the electoral conditions,” as such changes take months, even years to feel the results, he explained.


“In situations like this, when you have an authoritarian system and such inequality between the government and the opposition, you have to come up with non-standard solutions that do not exist in democratic countries because they are not needed there. Regarding the media, one such solution could be granting a national broadcasting license to the independent television station N1 or Nova S, because this would pave the way for the opposition to act in the long run and citizens would get a chance to hear the discussion on key social issues from an independent point of view, and at the same time this could also produce answers to the question raised by the mass murders – setting standards when it comes to preventing violence in public space,” the Professor told N1.


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