Report says Serbian media at risk of political control

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A report on the most influential media and media companies in Serbia showed that the risk of state control is high.


A presentation of the report on 43 media outlets and their owners was told that the trend of media outlets rallying around the SBB and Telekom Serbia cable services providers is more evident than 5 years ago. The report said that those two providers dominate the market and are important players in terms of media content production and distribution.


A lot of indicators showed that political control over the media is high. According to the report, that risk is highest for TV outlets and less so for print media and radio stations.


Global Media Registry official Nafisa Hasanova told the presentation that this was the second report drawn up for Serbia with the BIRN network following the report for 2017. She said that the risk of state control over the media is relatively high in Serbia.


Source: N1


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