SafeJournalists Network

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Project name: SafeJournalists Network


Donor: Civil Rights Defenders


Realization time: 01.03.2021 – 31.12.2023.


The role of IJAS: project holder


Budget: in 2021 – SEK 274,400,


About the project:


The project aims to ensure that the safety of journalists and the level of media freedom in the region are measured. This will be achieved through the implementation of three instruments: a database on attacks on journalists, an indicator of the level of media freedom and the safety of journalists, and the Journalists’ Safety Index, which allows for the quantification of qualitative assessments in seven countries in the region. This will ensure credibility and comparability in measuring the change from year to year and from country to country, thus enabling a comparable measurement of each country’s progress towards the EU, providing alternative data to that provided by the state and making each government responsible for the results of its work.


Overall objective: The safety of journalists and media freedom in the Western Balkans are enhanced by strengthening the role of Safejournalists network members as efficient and accountable independent actors in creating relevant policies supported by the wider sector of civil society organizations.


Specific objective: Members of the Safejournalists network are recognized as organizations that provide credible measurements of the level of media freedom and security of journalists




  1. The SafeJournalists database has been updated
  2. Indicators for the level of media freedoms and security of journalists are published annually
  3. Journalists’ Safety Index published



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