Sapic: My position unchanged, I will not answer N1 reporters’ questions

Photo: N1

Head of the temporary body governing the Serbian capital and former mayor Aleksandar Sapic said his position remains unchanged and that he will continue refusing to answer questions by N1 reporters at media conferences.


Sapic told the pro-regime Pink TV that he “will not change his position” and that he is “done” with that media outlet.


“For two years they came to my conferences, carried my conferences, and then at one point, after two years of falsifying and lies, I decided I no longer wanted to be part of that and that I would not give any answers. I’m not afraid of them, I have just decided not to have anything to do with them,” said Sapic who has been asked by journalists’ associations to answer questions from all reporters, in line with the law.


Sapic said this is not a decision of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), but his own.


“As long as they are the way they are, I will not speak with them. It has nothing to do with any party decision,” said Sapic.


He added that two years ago he offered to give an interview to this TV station on condition that “it be broadcast live and that afterwards it is not cut, or edited, and that no false information is released,” but that N1 “did not agree to that.”


Source: N1


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