Serbian electronic media regulator’s report in parliament

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The Serbian parliament is debating a report by the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) which covers the period prior to the two mass shootings in a Belgrade elementary schools and two villages.


The report says that the pro-regime TV Pink, which has been accused of violating the law on electronic media, met all its obligations under the law and the conditions set for media content, airing all mandatory programs, including documentaries, educational content and children’s shows.


A second pro-regime station TV Happy is reported to have failed to meet just one condition – the quota for European independent production content but did meet the mandatory quotas for news shows and its own productions.


Pro-government TV B92 also failed to meet just one of its obligations under the law but fulfilled all the required quotas for its own and other production.


Pro-government TV Prva is reported to have met all the conditions and fulfilled all quotas.


The REM report said that reality shows, which have been heavily criticized for allegedly promoting violence and intolerance, had less air time that a year earlier. It said that the air time for realities on B92 TV was low and less than 6 percent on TV Prva. TV Happy devoted 11 percent of its total air time to reality shows while TV Pink devoted 39 percent of its total air time on all channels to reality shows.


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