Serbia’s Vucic blames himself for withdrawal of law on internal affairs

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Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia’s President, said late on Thursday, he was to blame for the withdrawal of the draft law on internal affairs, saying the reason was formal since the country was going to polls next spring.

He asked Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin to withdraw the draft because such a vital law should not be adopted six months before the elections.


„I apologised to Vulin… I’m to blame for the withdrawal,“ the President told reporters in Budapest.


Vulin on Friday said the draft was brilliant


He denied his brought the decision under pressure, adding he had no idea what the draft proposed.


Legal experts and opposition have slammed the draft law, warning about the possible abuse of special cameras for facial recognition.


According to an expert website, “facial recognition is an analytics program that identifies and authenticates a specific person by their facial features from an image or video. The software uses biometrics to map the geometry of the face. It notes more than sixty facial landmarks”.


On Thursday, Vucic said: „I asked Vulin to withdraw the draft from the procedure for formal reason. We’ll see what would be the fate of that or similar drafts, but not before the election.“


Vucic was in Budapest at the 4th Demographic Summit.


Earlier on Thursday, Vulin said the withdrawal was his failure, for which he was ready to bear consequences.


„You will have to look for some other reason for the blood on the streets of Belgrade,“ he said, alluding to strong protests against the draft.


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