SNS deputy leader sues Nova S authors for slander, insults

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Aleksandar Sapic, a vice-president of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the president of the New Belgrade municipality, sued on Thursday Marko Vidojkovic and Nenad Kulacin, the authors of the ‘Good, Bad, Evil’ satirical talk show broadcast on Nova S, for damages allegedly brought on him and demanded 1.1 million dinars (over nine thousand euros) in compensation.

The lawsuit specified that on December 2, 2020, the authors said Sapic’s organisation ‘Be Humane” phone number was registered to him and that he used the organisation for personal political promotion.


It added the authors described Sapic as political punk who sold his soul and who, from the beginning of the foundation, had a goal to use it for personal promotion and political marketing.


The lawsuit further said the authors showed “a photo of Sapic and President Aleksandar Vucic, also the SNS leader, together at a terrace “watching the autumn rain falling and touching each other…”


Sapic, once a politician who bragged about being the only one who headed an election list that beat Vucic’s in New Belgrade municipality, had recently joined the SNS and almost immediately became a deputy leader of the party.


‘Be Humane’ foundation has helped numerous sick children via SMS to get appropriate treatment abroad, including several toddlers who needed 2.2 million euros for a single treatment against the deadly spinal muscular atrophy type (SMA) 1.


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