Telekom Serbia continues anti-SBB campaign

photo: N1

Telekom Serbia continued its campaign against the SBB cable services provider with a huge poster on the wall of a public building.


The poster on the wall of the city-owned Vozdovac Sports Center said “Break With SBB? It’s Possible!!!”. The poster continues on the state-owned Telekom mobile and cable services provider whose staff have been putting up stalls in front of SBB sales outlets and in public buildings and making phone calls to convince people to cancel their contracts with SBB and transfer to Telekom. The state-owned provider has also enlisted the services of the Yettel mobile services company whose staff have been calling their clients to convince them to change cable providers.


Telekom has even offered to pay the cost of canceling contracts with SBB. The campaign includes handing out leaflets to the public.


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