The price of information in the public interest

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Project duration: 1st March-30th September

Donor: OSCE

The role of IJAS: project holder

Budget: EUR 14,995


About the project:


The system of project co-financing of the production of media content in the public interest is conceived as a fair and transparent process of state subsidies for the production of missing, non-commercial media content.


The application in practice has failed due to the determination of politicians to maintain or in some cases establish control over the editorial policy of the media, while the implementing regulations remained vague and provided the possibility of abuse of the entire system.


The objective of the project is to make a comprehensive analysis of the project co-financing process with an emphasis on deficiency in transparency of the whole process.


This will include participation of all relevant stakeholders and providing a platform for exchanging opinions and experiences in order to obtain recommendations for improving this area.


The project objective will be achieved with through implementation of the set of activities, which include development of a comprehensive analysis of the entire process, which will be preceded by the development of research methodology, training of at least 10 research participants and expanding the pool of persons interested in and educated to follow the process, through activities to establish a research team and drafting the analysis.


After drafting, the analysis will be open for wide debate among media community, CSO, public officials and decision-makers through the online communication channels, mailing lists, organisation of the minimum 10 meetings, three public events with minimum 70 participants.


The wide debate will be used for drafting the final recommendations for the improvement of the system of project co-financing of the production of media content in the public interest which will be advocated for in the process of amendments to the media regulations that follow the adoption of the Action Plan for implementation of new Media Strategy.


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