Zeljko Bodrozic re-elected President of Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia

photo: IJAS

Zeljko Bodrozic was re-elected as the president of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (IJAS). 112 members of IJAS were present at the election assembly. 103 members used their right to vote, and 96 of them voted for Bodrozic.


At the same time, Bodrozic was the only candidate who fulfilled the requirements for candidacy for the president of IJAS.


Bodrozic thanked for the trust shown and pointed out that in the coming period, IJAS will face “growing problems on the media scene” and announced further involvement in the defense of media freedoms.


Speaking before the vote at the IJAS assembly, Bodrozic stated that in the previous mandate, the capacities of the Secretariat were increased, project activities were expanded, the regional network of partner organizations was strengthened, as well as cooperation with the European Federation of Journalists and other international organizations. At the same time, a partnership was founded with organizations in Serbia – the Coalition for Media Freedom. According to him, despite the pressures and threats that we experience, both as individuals and as an Association, we managed to maintain and improve the organization thanks to the engagement of numerous members and associates, as well as thanks to the foundations that were laid long ago and preserved in the mandates of all previous presidents and members executive bodies and the Secretariat.


Bodrozic pointed out that for the last two years, the Secretariat of IJAS visited local journalists and involved them in the work of IJAS, but also in various trainings conducted by the association. According to him, one of the tasks is to strengthen the network of local IJAS trustees and strengthen their work. He pointed out that one of the tasks in the coming period is for as many young people as possible to take part in the work of IJAS, both through working bodies and through training conducted by IJAS.


Bodrozic stated that IJAS has assumed a leadership role among regional journalist associations, especially after the formation of the SafeJournalists network, with six other countries of the Western Balkans, which primarily deals with the safety of journalists. According to his words, at the next session of the Executive Board of IJAS, there will be a decision on even greater autonomy of the work of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CINS), which still preserves the founding role of IJAS.


It was announced that a public debate on the amendment of the IJAS Statute will be held by autumn, which would then be adopted at the next session.


Given that next year IJAS celebrates its 30th anniversary, it was proposed to form a Committee for the preparation of the IJAS anniversary celebration. At the same time, the publication of a monograph on the first president of IJAS, Dragan Nikitovic, was announced for next year.


The Assembly of IJAS today adopted the Proclamation, which you can read here.


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