Senior Serbian ruling party official offends journalist

Vladimir Djukanovic, Photo: Printscreen/Youtube/Jutarnji Program TV Happy

A senior official of President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) made offensive comments about a journalist on Thursday.

ladimir Djukanovic, lawyer and SNS Presidency member, made the offensive remarks in a Twitter post, commenting journalist Nedim Sejdinovic’s article about him in this week’s issue of Vreme weekly. Sejdinovic claimed in the article that Djukanovic was charged by the authorities to purge the judiciary.


“Is there any greater honor than Nedim Sejdinovic devoting four pages in the toilet tabloid Vreme. The pig head journalist, open Serb hater, poured out all the hate he has for me thinking he will discredit me. I am honored,” Djukanovic wrote in the Twitter post with a picture of Sejdinovic.


Nedim Sejdinovic is an independent journalist and former head of the Vojvodina Journalists’ Society (NDNV). He has been attacked by the authorities for his writing on a number of occassions. Sejdinovic’s name and surname are not Serbian, a fact that Djukanovic is aware of when claiming that he hates Serbs.


Vreme weekly issued a statement warning that Djukanovic is painting a target on Sejdinovic’s forehead. It also condemned the attack. “Our journalist is being placed in danger in this way. Also, Djukanovic is personally insulting Sejdinovic in a primitive manner with a chauvinist message in the background,” it said.

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